The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the detention in Prague at the request of Ukraine of a participant in the occupation of Crimea

At the Prague airport on September 12, Czech law enforcement officers detained a citizen of the Russian Federation Alexander Franchetti at the request of Ukraine.

This was confirmed on September 13 in a comment to Radio Liberty by the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleh Nikolenko, UA reports.

“The detention was the result of concerted actions of Ukrainian and Czech law enforcement officers to bring Alexander Franchetti to justice for committing a number of crimes against our state, in particular participation in the Russian occupation of Crimea” – Nikolenko said.

According to him, the Ukrainian side is working on the completion of the necessary procedures for the transfer of Alexander Franchetti to justice in Ukraine.

On September 12, Russian state news agencies, citing the Russian embassy in the Czech Republic, reported that a Russian citizen had been detained at Prague airport under an international arrest warrant issued at the request of Ukraine.

According to the “Myrotvorets” website, in 2014 Franchetti arrived in Crimea, joined the illegal armed formation “Self-Defense of Sevastopol”, and then organized another the illegal formation – reconnaissance group “North Wind”. He was awarded the medal “For the Return of Crimea”. RadioPrague reported that Franchetti is a fitness trainer and entrepreneur who has been operating in the Czech Republic since the 1990s and is eligible for permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

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