Lviv is Ukraine, — Polish Foreign Minister to Russia

Polish Foreign Minister Radislaw Sikorski. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/X

Polish Foreign Minister responds to Russian lies about Poland’s intentions to annex part of Ukraine.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said this while addressing the parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland reported on X.

“Russia is lying about alleged Polish plans to annex part of Ukraine. Donbas is Ukraine, Crimea is Ukraine, Lviv, Volyn, ancient Eastern Galicia are also Ukraine,” Radislaw Sikorski claimed to debunk Russia’s propaganda about Poland.

He stressed that Russia’s goal is to pit Poles against Ukrainians, but the aggressor will fail.

“They will lose on this front as well,” Sikorski added.

As many other European leaders, Polish Foreign Minister is convinced Russia is determined to occupy entire Ukraine and then threaten to Europe, Poland in particular.

“The alternative ahead is simple: we may have to deal either with a defeated Russian army stationed east of Ukraine’s eastern border, or with a victorious one at Poland’s eastern border,” Sikorski warned.

Russian propaganda has been systematically spreading fakes which are to prove Poland targets to annex Western Ukraine.

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