Russia’s production capacity now exceeds its needs in Ukraine — German Defence Minister

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius. Photo:

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has claimed that the Russian defence industry has replenished its stockpiles for war in Ukraine and now produces more weapons than it currently needs.

“A larger part of what is being manufactured is not sent to the frontline but goes to warehouses,” Boris Pistorius said to N-TV.

German politician is convinced Putin has a reason to slow down the production of military equipment, probably hinting at aggression against European states.

“Now you can be naive and say he’s doing it just out of caution. As a skeptical person, I would say in this case that he’s doing it because he has plans or could have them,” said Pistorius.

Earlier, many European leaders, including German Defence Minister, voiced an opinion that Russia would attack NATO in 5-8 years.

“We have to consider the fact that Vladimir Putin might one day attack even a NATO country. Our experts think that this might happen in the next 5-8 years.” Pistorius said in January.

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