The live broadcast by the UATV English channel of the US Senate voting for assistance to Ukraine collected more than 150 thousand views

The YouTube channel of the Ukrainian foreign broadcasting UATV English broadcast online the meeting of the upper house of the United States Congress, during which a vote took place to provide Ukraine with almost $61 billion in additional military and economic assistance, as well as a special briefing by President Joe Biden, in which he announced the signing corresponding package of laws. Together, these broadcasts received 178 thousand views.

The highest interest – 45.3% – in the broadcast from the Senate chamber was received by viewers in the USA, 8.9% – in Canada, 6.4% – in the UK, 3.2% – in Germany, 2% – in Sweden. Overall, the viewership rate from abroad was 93.8%. Among the top cities are New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Chicago.

The peak simultaneous viewing figure on UATV English occurred at the time the senators voted for the law on aid to Ukraine and amounted to 6.8 thousand online viewers. Viewing on the YouTube platform of foreign broadcasting (420 thousand subscribers) exceeded the figures on the YouTube channels of major world media, which streamed the important meeting for Ukraine and the address of the head of the White House to the Americans, among them the Associated Press (2.8 million subscribers), Reuters (3.3 million subscribers), CBS News (5.8 million subscribers), NBC News (9.9 million), CNBC-TV18 (2.3 million) and others.

Viewers left a large number of comments with words of support for our state and its defenders, condemnation of Russian aggression under the video and in the stream chat. They also actively shared the link to the broadcast on their social networks. The comments noted that the speeches of senators and the voting results show a fairly high unity of Democrats and Republicans on the issue of supporting Ukraine. The number and content of comments indicate the high involvement of the UATV English audience in important events on the Ukrainian agenda.

Let us remind you that viewing of the English-language platform of Ukrainian foreign broadcasting UATV English is available on the YouTube channel.