“Hate speech” project airs on “UATV English”

The YouTube channel “UATV English”, which is part of the state enterprise Multimedia Platform for Foreign Broadcasting of Ukraine”, will broadcast the joint English-language project of the Center for Combating Disinformation and the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting “Hate speech”.

The new project is designed to tell foreign viewers about the Russian threat, the language of hatred and enmity cultivated by Russian propaganda and tolerated by Russian society. “Hate speech” appeals to the English-speaking audience of different countries. Using specific examples of the statements of Russian propagandists, the project shows that Putin and his aggression are not as far away as it may seem to those who do not live in Ukraine.

In the first episode of “Hate speech”, the emphasis is on the genocidal essence of the statements of Russian propagandists Vladimir Solovyov and Olga Skabeeva, threats to destroy Western countries with nuclear weapons, in particular Great Britain, their articulated indifference to the lives of civilians and approval of a large number of possible victims, statements about the need to create a permanent “existential” threat to the United States of America.

On the “UATV English” YouTube channel, the premiere episode has already managed to be viewed more than 30 thousand times, 99.9% of views are from abroad, of which

17.4% – from the USA,

10.1% – from Great Britain,

8.4% – from Canada,

4.2% – from Australia,

2.8% – from Germany.*

The top 5 countries for viewing the premiere episode of “Hate speech” generally coincide with the top 5 countries for viewing “UATV English” in 2024: USA – 25.8%; Great Britain – 13.2%; Canada – 9.6%; Australia – 5.2%; Germany – 4.7%.**

The first release of the project is available at the following link:

For reference. The YouTube channel “UATV English” is one of the English-language resources of the Ukrainian state foreign language. The total number of subscribers is 420 thousand, views 282 million.

  • Data for April 11-12, 2024. Data source YouTube Studio UATV English.
  • Data for the period 01.01.2024 – 04.11.2024. Data source YouTube Studio UATV English.