“Diia”- new features and offline support:“ 5 questions ”with the representative of the Ministry of Finance Mstyslav Banik

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New features appear in Action. Already in December, all Ukrainians will be able to register their place of residence online through this portal. In addition, support points for users of the Action mobile application are opening all over the country.

How many such offline helppoints have already been opened and how they can help there – said the head of electronic services development of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Mstislav Banik in the program “5 questions” of UA TV channel.

Oleh Borisov hosts the program. 

– What new features will appear in the Action app?

– The most important thing is that in December we launch a service to change the registration of residence, ie change the residence permit. It will be available throughout the territory, in 1439 communities of Ukraine. It will no longer be necessary to go to the military registration and enlistment office, to undergo a medical examination – we will simply inform about the person’s new place of residence. In addition, we are working on the launch of social services – subsidies, pension certificates, benefits and more.

– One of our viewers addressed a question to you: “I’m trying to register in”Diia “via NFC, after scanning knocks out the program. Tried on other smartphones with different passports – the same. What is the reason? ”

– First, I definitely advise you to check two things: that the phone was with NFC. Because, for example, all iPhones have NFC. Android phones do not have such a chip everywhere. If this chip is not available, it will not be able to read the passport for authorization. In other cases, it is important to have the latest version of the program, and everything should work.

– How will UAH 1,000 be paid to vaccinated Ukrainians through “Diia”?

– We are also interested in this issue. We, as the Ministry of Digital Transformation, will act as a technical implementer. Let me remind you that the Ministry of Finance does not make a decision on payment, does not transfer money. This is all done by a joint working team from different ministries and agencies.

Now we are waiting for the working group to adopt bylaws that will determine exactly what will be the procedure for providing services for the payment of 1,000 hryvnias. But we already had a similar experience last year and this spring in the payment of 8 thousand sole proprietors and employees. I think something similar will happen this time as well. We are waiting for the relevant normative decision to be made, we will be able to tell in detail how it will be implemented in “Diia”.

– In connection with the announced payment of this UAH 1,000, fraudsters appeared who called people and asked them to tell them the card number in order to allegedly transfer the money. Can employees request the following information: card number, CVV code?

– I never urge you to give all the data of your card to anyone, because this information is not required for enrollment. It does not fit. In order to credit the card, you need an account number in iBank format. These are not the numbers on the front of the card. It’s more numbers starting with UA and then there’s a large set of numbers. No CVV codes, validity is required.

– Tell us about the support points of the “Diian” application. How many will be where it is already open?

– I am in the city of Kharkiv, we have a big tour of the cities of Ukraine. We visit these offline support centers. Most of them are launched in mass vaccination centers. There are many people who are installing the application for the first time, who need a hint – starting with how to log in to the Play Market or how to log in. Despite the fact that we have everything clear, intuitive, it happens that we need help.

Also, people face problems with the generation of certificates, when something can be duplicated in the system through the fault of the family doctor or due to workload. The doctor who did the vaccination could make mistakes, so you need help, a hint. This is a key task facing our volunteers, who can help in offline support points for Actions.

In addition, consultation is available in all CNAPs. About 800 such centers in Ukraine are already providing consultations.

– How many more such offline centers and support points will be opened?

– So far, it is difficult to announce exactly, because everything is in pilot mode. Local leadership, at the level of regional administrations, at the level of city administrations, at the level of the mayor make decisions where the biggest flow is, where consultations are needed. Therefore, in some places the number will increase, so now it is difficult to announce. The most important thing is that the CNAPs are also involved in this work, they work in a regular mode, and, accordingly, you can also get advice there.

– Will such support points be opened in Kyiv?

– There are three such support points in Kyiv: at the International Exhibition Center, at the Central Railway Station and, of course, at the CNAPs. We have a lot of teams working there.

Even at the station there is a constant flow of people who come for advice not only after vaccination, but also when they just have a question.

– The most global problems that people face now?

– The most global problem is always with COVID-certificates, when the doctor made a mistake during the application, and it needs to be corrected, because any information about