Within two weeks almost 200,000 of our countrymen arrived in Ukraine, – State Border Service

Within two weeks, over 1.5 million people crossed the western border. Almost 200,000 of our countrymen arrived in Ukraine

On March 9, almost 118 thousand people and about 16 thousand vehicles crossed the state border of Ukraine in the western part. The figures indicate that passenger traffic has remained almost unchanged compared to the previous day.

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Yesterday, almost 102,000 people left Ukraine. Most of those who left – over 73,000 people – crossed the Ukrainian-Polish border. As a result, there are still accumulations of people, cars, and passenger buses in this direction.

About 16,000 people came to Ukraine yesterday, almost 12,500 of whom are Ukrainians. Most of them are men who are going to join the ranks of defenders of the Motherland. We are proud and thankful to our countrymen for defending the future of our country!

Since February 24, over 1. 5 million people in total have crossed the western borders of Ukraine. The number of those who went abroad is more than 1 million 340 thousand, of which citizens of Ukraine make almost 1 million 180 thousand, foreigners account for the remaining 165 thousand.

Over the past two weeks, more than 190,000 of our compatriots have returned to Ukraine! The vast majority of them are men who are ready to stand up with weapons in their hands.

It should be recalled that all checkpoints on the western border (except “Dzvinkove”) are open around the clock. Border guards and customs officers are making all possible efforts to speed up the clearance of persons leaving Ukraine and to clear humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian population and defenders of Ukraine. By the way, in the past 24 hours, 450 vehicles with cargo have been cleared at the western borders. In total, more than 5,200 vehicles with humanitarian aid have already been cleared.

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We recommend that you consider choosing border crossing points with Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova to cross into the EU. Currently, the border crossing points with these countries are mostly empty or only minimally busy. Their workload is updated every three hours on the Facebook page of the  Western Regional Department of the State Border Service. Follow the updates.

We ask all citizens at the border to respect law and order, queuing procedures, and morality norms while crossing the border and not to offer bribes to border guards for exceptional or illegal border crossing!