A Ukrainian Mathematician Wins the Wolf Prize

Photo of the NASU site

“Correspondent-member of NASU Vladimir Drinfeld and his co-author Alexander Beilinson were awarded the Israeli Wolf Prize in Mathematics,” reports NASU’s press-service.

The two scientists were rewarded for their innovative work in algebraic geometry, which plays a key role in Field Theory and String Theory in physics, because it enhances the interaction between modern fundamental mathematics and physics.

Their phenomenal work – which was used as a reference by many different experts from different fields – is presented throughout their book “Chiral algebras.”

The award ceremony took place in the Israeli Parliament building also known as the Knesset, in Jerusalem. Both scientists shared the sum of $100,000 for their work. This award is given each year to 5-6 people in several fields of modern science.

It is worth to be noted that most of the winners of this year’s edition also appear in the Nobel Prize’s list of laureates.