This war became European one, – Ukraine’s Defense Minister

Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov:

Dear Ukrainians!

96 hours of resistance.

4 days of victory, courage, faith, and devotion.

Respect to fellow citizens who toe the line.

Sorrow for those who gave their lives for Ukraine.

Anger to the enemy, who kills our women and children, destroys peaceful cities.

And the confidence that he will be punished! The punishment is inevitable.

After all, there was a real break yesterday. This war became European one. It was finally perceived that way.

Already half of Europe is gathering and sending weapons and armor to us. The number of states that provide real aid has increased significantly.

Europe has already provided temporary shelter to tens of thousands of those we want to preserve the most – our little ones and their mothers. Without any formalities.

The west has actually opened its borders for us. We have support from the south, the Far East, and across the Atlantic.

All this is the merit of our defenders, the entire Ukrainian people. We refused to obey the enraged tyrant. And we will definitely win.

Ukraine will win!

Glory to Ukraine!

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