The Russian Army has problems not only with ammunition, but also with uniforms – the Russian Federation hopes for China’s help, – expert

The Russian army today lacks not only military equipment, shells, but even equipment. The Kremlin is counting on China’s help. However, whether this is beneficial to Beijing is a big question. Military observer Denis Popovich shared this opinion today on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“There is not only a shortage of ammunition, not only military equipment. Also, equipment is a serious problem. Now winter is ending, a summer uniform will be needed, and there is also a problem with it in the Russian Federation. They counted not only on capacities in the Russian Federation, but also in Belarus, counted that they would be helped in the same Iran. That is, we are not only talking about ammunition today, ”the observer noted.

According to Popovich, Iran has paused cooperation with the Russian Federation for the time being. Therefore, all hopes are on China. After all, only this country has significant reserves that Russia needs.

“They are now seriously counting on reaching an agreement with China in order for it to provide them with volumetric large-scale supplies of ammunition. Since only China has such substantial stocks of ammunition that the Russian Federation needs. Now cooperation with Iran has stalled. Iran has put on pause the supply of ammunition to the Russian Federation and, above all, ballistic missiles, which Putin was counting on. Therefore, they hope for ties with China, ”the expert believes.

Whether the Kremlin’s hopes are realized is a big question, Popovich says.

“It is not very profitable for China to violate the sanctions regime and fall under the restrictions themselves. That is, the situation there is very difficult for the Russian Federation, ”he concluded.

Earlier, Ukraine, Russia and the United States almost simultaneously expressed their desire to negotiate with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. At the same time, a number of world media reports that the head of China may visit Moscow in the next week.

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