The President established the Council for the Development of Vocational Education

Photo: The OP

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree “On priority measures to develop professional (vocational) education.”

It is reported byUATV with reference to the Office of the President of Ukraine.

The aim of the document is to promote the modernization of the system of professional (vocational and technical) education in accordance with the needs of the labor market, international and practice to ensure the realization of the right of citizens to high-quality and affordable vocational education, as well as creating conditions for the formation and development of relevant vocational competencies for the successful professional activity and self-realization.

In particular, this decree established the Council for the Development of Professional (Vocational and Technical) Education as an advisory body under the President of Ukraine and approved its regulations.

The main tasks of the Council: monitoring the development of professional (vocational) education; analysis and improvement of Ukrainian legislation in this sphere; study of trends in the development of the labor market and forecasting priority areas and ways of development of education; development of proposals for the formation of modern professional competencies in the sphere of professional (vocational) education, etc.

It is also noted that the Cabinet of Ministers will ensure the development and will approve by September 1 of this year a state target program for the development of vocational education for the period until 2027, aimed at modernizing the system of vocational education.

The program should include measures to improve the system of professional (vocational) education in Ukraine.

In addition, there should be an update of professional development programs for teachers, vocational training teachers, industrial training masters of such educational institutions, as well as an increase in the prestige of their work, in particular by introducing motivational financial instruments for remuneration.

Also, the government should work out the issue of increasing the amount of scholarships for students of vocational education institutions and consider the possibility of transferring state vocational education institutions to communal ownership.

Earlier it was reported that a Council for the Development of General Secondary Education will be formed.