No one in the world can stand in a neutral position regarding Russia’s war against Ukraine, – First Lady Olena Zelenska

First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska gave an interview to the CNA TV channel of the Singapore national broadcaster Mediacorp. She commented on the consequences of the war unleashed by Russia for the world, in particular the rise in prices for energy and products in many countries.

“People in other countries should know: if their prices are rising, it’s not Ukraine’s fault, it is the fault of the invader who started the war. They should know who caused it, and then they will be able to choose the right course,” the President’s wife emphasized.

“In this war, no one in the world can stand in a neutral position. You can be either on the side of the invader or on the side of the one who was attacked. There is no option number three. To make up your mind, you just have to honestly ask yourself: would I like to be in the place of Ukraine and Ukrainians and experience such an attack?” added Olena Zelenska.

As reported earlier, Olena Zelenska emphasized that after the Russian invasion, these projects become even more important, as the Russian invaders traumatize Ukrainians physically and psychologically every day.

“Ukraine should become the most comfortable place in the world for its people who have experienced and are experiencing so much. Every street, every building should be convenient for citizens of any physical condition and age. This is an ambitious goal and a new challenge for our barrier-free projects. A chance to remove a barrier that prevents a person from living, be it physical or psychological barrier. Get the war out of the way. Forever,” the First Lady emphasized.

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