Kuleba spoke about features of the Crimean platform

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Crimean platform is primarily a political instrument; its goal is de-occupation of Crimea.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced this in an interview, UA informs.

According to him, the Crimean platform will operate at three levels. The first is inter-governmental.

“At the intergovernmental level, governments will coordinate their policies and create new initiatives on Crimea: from heads of state and governments to foreign ministers, defense ministers, environmental ministers and other officials” – Kuleba said.

The second level is inter-parliamentary.

“At the inter-parliamentary level, interaction will be established between parliaments of various countries, as well as parliamentary assemblies of international organizations to create political pressure, introduce legislative initiatives. For example, the adoption of such things as an act on the policy of non-recognition of the illegal occupation of Crimea or on the recognition of the genocide of the Crimean Tatars. Of course, the Ukrainian parliament will have a special mission, because it is our legislation that should regulate everything related to our territory” – head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted.

The third level is experts.

“This is our creative idea. Experts will focus on Crimea issues, generate analytics and proposals that parliamentary and government levels can implement into laws and policies. Therefore, the role of experts is very important here” – Kuleba added.

Earlier, Dmytro Kuleba announced the full list of participants in the Crimean platform.

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