“Good Bread From Good People” – the first bakery for special people

They give hope to those who are considered to be not like everyone else. Not everybody is ready for this step. A young man from Kyiv, Vladyslav Malaschenko, opened the “Good Bread From Good People” bakery, where eight people with different forms of intellectual disabilities work. The young man was intended to prove that people with intellectual differences can do many things; they are more honest, more attentive to details, neat and often possess different talents.

The photo is property of dyvensvit.org

The intention to create his bakery appeared after Vladyslav’s had experience in other professions. Vladyslav won a grant for opening a bakery at Startup Ukraine Business School.

The “Good Bread From Good People” bakery is famous for its eight employees and a 1 kg delicious banana cupcake. Mother of one of the workers coordinates all the work.  Oksana is not a professional baker, but she knows perfectly how to communicate with the boys.

“My bakery creates opportunities for people to help others, and they do this by buying our cupcakes. Our mission is to employ people with disabilities and change attitudes towards them”, Vladyslav emphasizes.

The photo is property of naiu.org.ua

The guys bake muffins and cupcakes. Oksana is always around, she supports, directs and helps. Then the products are sent to the shelves of coffee houses or at the addresses of customers with the courier. The Good Bread of Good People peculiarity is that it is not a rehab centre ,but a full-fledged social business. The boys work, make money, they are socializing and enjoying the process.

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