EU could bypass Hungary’s blocking of EUR 500M in military aid to Ukraine

Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU Vsevolod Chentsov predicts that the European Union will find a way to overcome Hungary’s blocking of the allocation of EUR 500 million in military aid to Ukraine.

The diplomat expressed this opinion in an interview with the European Pravda online newspaper.

Chentsov noted that this is not the first time that Hungary is blocking aid to Ukraine. According to him, it has already become a kind of “bad uninteresting game” on the Hungarian part.

“If we recall what happened with the decision to allocate macro-financial support for this year, it is not the first time that EU member states were able to develop a preventive tool so that this decision would be adopted in any case if Hungary followed through and vetoed it. I hope that a positive decision will be made based on the outcome of this meeting (of the EU Council of Ministers – ed.),” the ambassador said.

He noted that Hungary, like all EU member states, tries to protect its interests, but quite often it tries to do so at the expense of others, including Ukraine.

“Ukraine is becoming a hostage of these difficult situations within the EU. So they (Hungarians. – ed.) can try to block anything. Do they have the opportunity to do so? It’s always a balance. If you cross certain ‘red lines,’ you are no longer reckoned with, and you find yourself in isolation,” Chentsov believes.

As reported earlier, Hungary has blocked the allocation of the seventh tranche of EUR 500 million from the European Peace Fund to Ukraine, which is intended for military aid.