Best Kyiv Sites with Christmas Symbols

Aromatic mulled wine might come in handy after a walk on winter streets. It’s not just a drink anymore, but a symbol of winter, of Christmas and of comfort. And it is just tasty!

The team of Zruchno.Travel has put together a list of the most interesting Kyiv establishments where one can taste the hot drink. You shouldn’t stay home when hot wine is served right next door!

  1. GlintweinYa

It’s one of the most famous Kyiv places that people go to specifically to have a glass of mulled wine. “GlintweinYa” is located in the very center of the Ukrainian capital, in the Bessarabskyi market building. It’s a cozy place to sit on a cold winter day and observe the hustle and bustle of the city through a window.

Mulled wine is made with red or white wine.  The classic red version of the drink has many fans. In addition to the standard recipe, one can also try coffee and chocolate-flavored mulled wines. The white version comes in vanilla, sandthorn or tangerine flavors.

For a large group of people, one can conveniently order the classic or tangerine mulled wines, served in special 1.2 liter heated vessels.

  1. Druzi Cafe & Bar

The Druzi Cafe & Bar Restaurant chain is a great place to spend an evening with close friends. Each café has everything you need to make for a fun and interesting atmosphere. There you can find tabletop games, nice music, tasty dishes and of course, the aromatic hot beverage, known as mulled wine. The menu features classic white and red mulled wines, mint grog, spiced cider and apple punch. Currant and ginger mulled wines are the signature drinks on the menu.

  1. Na Dne Lounge Bar

A modern bar with an original name “Na Dne” , which means “On the Bottom,” is located in the central part of the city in a basement. This makes for a special atmosphere. It’s a great location for a romantic date or a chill meeting with friends. Here, one can smoke hookah and chose from a number of cocktails. As for mulled wine, this season’s menu features five variations of the drink, namely – coffee, cherry, anise, as well as “Paris” –  which is made from red wine with the addition of brandy and “London” –  a white wine-based mulled wine with the addition of rum and honey.

  1. City-Zen café

A café with its own unique philosophy.  This is a place to forget mundane routines and spend time in pleasant company with a glass of mulled wine. The sign here depicts a friendly meditating cat. It’s almost as if the cat is warning us that time stops here, permitting us to enjoy our reprieve from life’s worries to the fullest.

The mulled wine comes in many flavors – the classic and coffee-based use red wine. Tangerine, pumpkin and tropical-based flavors use white wine. Other drinks include classic and original coffee beverages, tea and Christmas punch.

  1. Mama, Ya Vdoma (Mama, I’m Home)

Although “Mama…” is a restaurant, you won’t find any white tablecloths, stern managers, or arrogant guests here. Its friendly atmosphere will make you feel right at home. Though the summer terrace of the restaurant may turn to a winter scene, one can still enjoy a barbecue and have a burger over a glass of the aromatic mulled wine. Classical red and white mulled wine variations are available, as well as the possibility to create your own drink, adding any ingredients you like.

The bar menu of the restaurant was created by the chief-bartender of one of the most trendy restaurants in Kyiv. While it doesn’t contain any classic recipes those can be made by request.

  1. Gnezdo Bar

The most informal of the establishments is located on Andriyivskyi Descent. It’s  hiding in a cozy enclosure near the Kavaleridze workshop-museum. In the evening, the Gnezdo Bar is usually full. But during the day, after walking one of the most colorful streets of Kyiv, one can come here for a glass of mulled wine, available in the classic red flavor with orange, lemon, cinnamon and other spices, or the exotic white version, with grapefruit and honey.