Zelenskyy has signed the land law

Photo: ukraine30.com

On May 24, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the Law No. 2194 “On Amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and Other Legislative Acts to Improve the Management and Deregulation System in the Sphere of Land Relations”. The document is required to complete the land reform in Ukraine. He told this during his speech at the “Ukraine 30. Land” forum, – the correspondent of the UATV informs.

The law provides for the conveyance of state-owned lands outside of settlements into communal ownership of local self-government bodies. An exception should be the lands required by the state to perform its functions. These include the lands of the Ministry of Defense, the Environmental Fund, government agencies, enterprises and organizations.

The document grants local bodies the authority to change the designated purpose of private land plots and to approve plans for a detailed planning of the territory outside the settlements.

Also, the document introduces the following changes:

  • a mechanism for fixing the territorial communities’ boundaries in the State Land Cadastre, including united ones;
  • the institute of state expertise of land management documentation, while numerous approvals of land management documentation by executive authorities are canceled.