Ukraine creates nationwide network of sports centers for veterans and their families as part of rehabilitation of wounded defenders

All-Ukrainian selection of candidates for the national team of Ukraine to participate in the Invictus Games 2023 will be held in April 2023. Registration and questioning of participants will begin in January.

This was stated by Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine Yulia Laputina during an information marathon on national TV channels.

“The conditions of selection will be absolutely transparent,” the Minister stressed. “We will also take into account the security situation in the country. Law enforcement agencies will submit their candidates for the selection from among servicepersons who were wounded and returned to military service. In addition, a questioning will be conducted on the website of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs among veterans who wish to participate in the selection. After that, the Defenders participating in the all-Ukrainian selection will be determined.”

Yulia Laputina said that recently a meeting of the Ministry’s staff with representatives of the Lviv Regional State Administration and the Lviv City Council was held, where the region and the city were considered as the future venue for sports competition.

Also, the head coach of the national team has already been determined. It is Olena Yanovska – athlete, master of sports international class, participant of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, athletics coach of the national team of Ukraine at the Invictus Games 2022, head coach of the national team of Ukraine at the Warrior Games 2022.

Yulia Laputina emphasized that athletes not included in the Ukrainian national team will be involved in the veterans sports system.

“We want veterans sport to become a whole network of rehabilitation of wounded Defenders. That is why we have launched veterans sport as a separate sport,” said Yulia Laputina. “We plan to create a nationwide network of sports centers for veterans and their families, so that all of them are involved in the process of recovery and psychological rehabilitation. Because sport is an activity that supports life, inspires and develops a person.”

The Minister noted that central executive authorities and local self-government are to be involved in the system.