Serious effects of COVID vaccination were recorded in Ukraine


The risk of serious side effects after coronavirus vaccination in Ukraine is less than 1%. Such data were published on July 27 by the State Expert Center, UA informs.

The center reported that as of July 26, almost 4.7 million doses of vaccines had been administered in Ukraine:

499 720 – CoviShield;

1 million 484 196 – CoronaVac;

1 million 715 780 – Comirnaty by Pfizer;

964 083 – AstraZeneca.

“According to the updated data, the risk of serious side effects after vaccination with all vaccines registered in Ukraine remains less than 1%” – the report says.

According to the State Expert Center, among the frequent disorders after vaccination are fever, fatigue, chills, flu-like condition, redness, pain at the injection site.

Adverse effects after immunization with AstraZeneca were recorded among women and men aged 61-72. Among such cases after vaccination, 85.6% were predictable, of which 4.8% were serious.

Adverse effects after the use of CoviShield were more common in women aged 31-45 and men aged 46-60. 94.9% were predictable, of which 2.7% were serious.

After immunization with CoronaVac vaccine – side effects were observed among women aged 46-60, and men aged 61-72 years. Among all effects after vaccination, 73% were predictable, of which 8.2% were serious.

In cases where the Comirnaty vaccine was used, effects were more likely to occur in women and men aged 46-60. Among all after vaccination, 78.9% were predictable, of which 2.1% were serious.

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