Russia is trying to create a casus belli – US senator

Photo Ukrinform

Russia is trying to create a pretext for war by making unacceptable demands.

This was stated by Republican Senator Jim Rich, representative of the US Senate Committee on International Relations, UA reports.

According to him, the proposals of the Russian Federation are not security agreements, but a list of concessions that the United States and NATO must make to appease Vladimir Putin. Those are the demands voiced earlier in the Russian Foreign Ministry: to put an end to NATO’s expansion to the east and limit its military activities in Eastern Europe, including cooperation with Ukraine and Georgia.

Jim Rich called on the Biden administration and all Allies to reject the demands, and warned that Putin was using the refusal as an excuse to use military force.

“The Biden administration and all our NATO allies must quickly and unequivocally reject the demands set out in this proposal. We must also be prepared for the fact that Putin is using our refusal as an excuse to use military force to take away what does not belong to him. Congress and the administration must act before, not after, Russia continues to escalate. It is important to make it clear that this is a dangerous extortion and blackmail is unacceptable” – said Jim Rich.

Earlier, Oleksiy Reznikov said that the strategy “not to provoke Russia” will not work.

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