Pro-Trump Republican Taylor Greene introduces multiple ridiculous amendments to Ukraine aid bill

US House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Photo: video sreenshot/Real America's Voice

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right Republican and Trump-supporter, proposes dubious amendments to the Ukraine aid bill in an attempt to derail it.

That’s according to the list of amendments to the bill by the Committee on Rules.

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests that Ukraine “shuts down all its biolabs”, this idea echos the Kremlin propaganda narrative which became a joke long ago.

She also demands that the Congressmen who vote for the bill join the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Any Member of Congress who votes in favor of this Act shall be required to conscript in the Ukrainian military,” says the amendment, proposed by Greene.

“If you want to fund the endless foreign wars, you should have to go fight them. That’s why I’m introducing an amendment that would require any Member of Congress who votes for the multibillion $ Ukraine supplemental to enlist in Ukraine’s military,” Taylor Greene also wrote on X.

Greene also claims that any funding mustn’t be provided to Ukraine “until Ukraine holds free and fair elections”, which is not possible during the war.

Greene has consistently shown anti-Ukrainian sentiments, spreading Russian narratives. She has been called ‘Moscow Marjorie’ by fellow party members. FoxNews has even published a column titled “Marjorie Taylor Greene is an idiot. She is trying to wreck the GOP”.

Not so long ago, Taylor Greene filed a motion to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson. It should be noted that pro-Trump far-right Republicans were the ones to oust the previous House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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