North Korea Announces that it Will Dismantle its Northern Nuclear Test Site

Photo from Ukrinform-UATV

North Korea is planning to close it’s Northern Nuclear Test Site in May. Experts and journalists from the United States and South Korea will be invited to the dismantling. A representative of the South Korean President, made this statement today at a press conference in Seoul. According to him, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un made the announcement at the inter-Korean summit this Friday. In addition to this, North Korea is planning to develop closer cooperation with the United States. The country will also adopt South Korean standard time, which is 30 minutes ahead of Pyongyang time.

Senior Secretary of Public Relations for the President of South Korea Yoon Young-chan claimed, “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said that he would close a northern nuclear test site in May and would invite experts and journalists from the United States and South Korea to Pyongyang soon to ensure transparency.

Leader Kim said that if North Korea meets the United States more often, builds on trust and promises to end war and non-aggression, why should we have nuclear weapons which make our life difficult?