Mobilization in the Russian Federation is designed to “breakthrough” the Ukrainian defense with quantity – these are the approaches of the First World War, – expert

In Russia, mobilization is being carried out in order to recruit as much manpower as possible and try to “breakthrough” the Ukrainian army in numbers. However, the size of the armed forces does not solve the systemic problems of the Russian Army. And mobilization is an attempt to hide all the shortcomings at the expense of a numerical advantage. This opinion was voiced by military observer Denis Popovich on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“The Russians will now take in numbers, because their quality ended last year, when they drained their entire cadre army. And she, in general, was a quality. Now they will take in numbers, and all their mobilization, it is focused on “crushing” us with numbers, ”Popovich noted.

The answer to this can only be an improvement in the quality of the Ukrainian troops, he believes.

“That is, we expect more rhythmic and larger deliveries of weapons, military equipment from Western partners,” the expert added.

According to him, the human resources of the enemy are still very, very extensive.

At the same time, the observer emphasized that the existing problems of the Russian army are aside from the numerical strength of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

“Their problems have already been listed long ago and not by me. They are listed, including the so-called “bloggers”, including even those who supported and continue to support the Russian invasion. This is a problem with communications, this is a problem with logistics, with modern methods of warfare, ”Popovich said.

He also stressed that this desire to take numbers is directly related to the fact that modern methods of warfare associated with satellite communications, with high-precision strikes, are not very accessible to the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

“They still have vertical subordination, that is, a low level of initiative in making decisions at the grassroots level. All these problems are not going anywhere. And mobilization is an attempt to, let’s say, sweep them away, hide them, put them in a box and close them on the table due to the numerical advantage that they are really capable of creating by raking people into the army, ”the observer noted.

In his opinion, all this could end in huge losses for the Russian Federation, which we are already seeing.

“This is waging war in the style of the First World War. That is, when huge masses of soldiers rushed to the fortified area in the hope of “pushing through” them. Thus, this can only mean that people will go further, they are simply driven to the slaughter. And this will continue further, because Putin has entered that corridor of decisions that does not allow for any other development of events for him. That is, either he is defeated, or he continues to bend his line and throw people further to strengthen the same Donetsk region, ”concluded Popovich.

Earlier, mobilization actions continue on the territory of Russia – it is possible that the head of the Kremlin, Putin, will go on a second wave of conscription in order to hide the large-scale losses of the Russian Armed Forces. According to Ukrainian intelligence services, mass mobilization should be expected in the spring.

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