International Mayor’s Summit in Kyiv Gathered Innovators


City leaders gathered at the International Mayors Summit in Kyiv to discuss problems faced by their home cities and solutions they’ve adopted to solve those problems.

“We started the International Mayor Summit three years ago because we saw that the modernization of cities – it’s basically the main way how to improve the quality of lives, the quality of services. And we understood that there was no one platform for this where Ukrainian mayors can learn from their colleagues, where they could learn from their international colleagues and where we can bring the community and business together to do a bit of professional matchmaking,” founder Iryna Ozymok said.

“You have to start with a proper education. So we are going into schools, we are going to universities, into kindergartens, and telling about the value of the material,” Ukrainian Veolia Executive Director of Waste Management Matthias Vogel of Germany said. “The better you are at separating the materials sorting, the better it will be to do new materials out of this.”

Hundreds of people attended the conference from around the world. From mayors to urbanists, and innovators to architects. Internationally renowned figures attended such as Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen and Dutch urbanist and innovator Cees Donkers.

“Collaboration between stakeholders. Government alone cannot solve problems. The private sector alone cannot solve problems. The non-profit sector and academia cannot solve (all the) problems. You have to create an interaction where they kind of mold themselves into some new ways of working together,” New York Mayor Adviser Gianluca Galletto said.