In the struggle for the security of Europe, Ukraine must win – the Prime Minister of Latvia in Kyiv

March 16, Prime Minister of Latvia Kristianis Karinsh paid an official visit to Ukraine. He met with the head of the Ukrainian government Denys Shmyhal. During the negotiations, the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the EU was raised, as well as the provision of assistance for the approaching victory of Ukraine over the Russian invaders, FREEDOM reports.

“Ukraine has already received military aid from Latvia in the amount of about 300 million euros. And we are grateful for the approval of a new package in the new budget, thanks to which this amount will reach 370 million euros, which is more than 1% of Latvia’s GDP. We appreciate the efforts you make to train our military to NATO standards. This brings us one step closer to victory. The government of Latvia was one of the first to approve the position regarding Ukraine’s membership in the EU,” said Shmyhal.

Karinsh said that the procedure for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union should start already this year. He is sure that only Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO can guarantee peace in Europe. Therefore, the main task of international partners today is to provide maximum financial, military and humanitarian support to Ukraine in order to bring victory over Russia closer.

“Let me assure you that your government, your military, your people are an example for Europeans. This shows that our common values of freedom, democracy, and rights come at a high price. The Latvian government and the Latvian people help Ukraine with military equipment, replenish ammunition, we provide humanitarian, financial and economic assistance. And we will continue to do it. In this struggle for the security of Europe, Ukraine must win, and we sincerely believe that it will win. We also look to the future and see the worthy role of Ukraine as a member of the EU,” said the Prime Minister of Latvia.