Eco-inspectors, new laws and fines: an eco-control reform is already prepared in Ukraine


The Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources is preparing an environmental control reform. The department plans to fight corruption among inspectors, increase fines for violations and update the legislative framework, UATV informs.

 Thus, the work of inspectors can be monitored in real time.

 “Each inspector is monitored in real time. We know where he is, what he is doing, at what time, all his results are clear, they are listed in the system and remain there forever. The geolocations of the inspector are fully tracked, the time is constantly tracked, which the inspector conducts at the enterprise, audio and video recording is carried out, all these data are merged into one system”, – said Roman Shakhmatenko, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

 The global reform of environmental control will solve several problems at once, the ministry said. For example, to ensure direct access of inspectors to polluting enterprises, as well as to exclude duplication of powers by different control bodies. In addition, thanks to the reform, the department hopes to fight corruption among inspectors.

 “Nature cannot protect itself. In order to protect the natural environment, to protect people from increased pollution or from the consequences of other phenomena, increased control is needed. And this control should be ensured by this particular bill”, – said Oleh Bondarenko, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Environmental Policy.

 After the reform is be approved at the legislative level, within 3 months the existing environmental control body will be completely disbanded and a new one will be created. The inspectors are promised a salary increase and empowerment. It is also planned to increase the fines for violators.

 In addition, it is planned to introduce fines for not allowing an inspector to enter the enterprise. And especially malicious polluters of the environment will face criminal liability.