Canadian deputy joins flashmob #UnitedUkraine

He wrote about this on his Twitter page.

“For four years, the Ukrainian people have bravely defended their homeland from ruthless Russian aggression. I am supporting the #UnitedUkraine campaign and its goal of ending Russia’s illegitimate military aggression in Ukraine!”, he said in a message.

Bezan illustrated his position with a poster with the words “United Ukraine”


As a  reminder: this year’s promotional action #UnitedUkraine is already the fourth one. Last year more than 12 thousand people from 63 countries participated in it. It is very easy to get engaged in it. Just print out a poster with the slogan of the promotion (you can download it here); make a horizontal photo or video with a picture of one person with a poster; place this photo on the official page of this international promotion on Facebook and on your own pages in social networks marked with #UnitedUkraine, indicating the city and the country where the photo was taken. After that, you should attach three friends to the posting, handing them the relay and sending high-quality photos to [email protected]

The photo of all participants of this action will be presented on January 22, 2018 at 12:00 on the site for public events (“MediaHub”, Kyiv, 4/6 Suvorova St.).