Armed Forces of Ukraine are qualitatively superior to Russian invaders in terms of weapons on the battlefield, – military analyst

The advantage of Ukraine is that its weapons on the battlefield are qualitatively different from the weapons of the Russian occupiers. Since the Russian Army uses outdated equipment from the times of the USSR, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine – modern. This was stated on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by military analyst Oleksiy Getman.

“Our advantage lies in the fact that the equipment that our partners give us is qualitatively different from the equipment used by Russia. For example, the M777 gun (a 155 mm towed howitzer – ed.) and the D-70 (Soviet tank artillery system of 85 mm caliber – ed.) – the Russian counterpart is not so high-precision and not so long-range, ”he said .

According to him, despite the fact that Ukraine does not have such a quantity of weapons and manpower as the Russian occupiers, Ukrainian defenders achieve tactical advantages on the battlefield.

“For example, aerial reconnaissance is actively working. What is behind the front line is divided into certain squares. Operators who control UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles – ed.) do not fly into the squares of partners, since everything is divided into certain sectors, and operational communication with artillery continues – data is transmitted online. Therefore, you can very quickly calculate the enemy and inflict a mortal blow on him, ”he said.

At the same time, the RF Armed Forces are strengthening the capabilities of their army by reactivating Soviet equipment.

“But the difference is that they pull scrap metal from their warehouses, and we get the most modern weapons. By and large, we are already achieving parity in the effectiveness of the use of weapons. And with further deliveries, I think that the advantage will be significantly on our side. It’s not the quantity, but the quality and accuracy of the hits,” explained Aleksey Getman.

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