A virtual museum of Russian aggression was presented in Ukraine – Tkachenko

Photo from website mkip.gov.ua

A virtual museum of Russian aggression has appeared in Ukraine.

The Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko wrote about this in his Telegram account, UA informs.

The project collects and clearly illustrates the facts of Russia’s violations of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, acquaints in detail with 20 cases related to the occupation of Crimea.

“Disappearances and kidnappings, environmental, war and other crimes committed by the Russian Federation since 2014. Documentary facts, along with photo and video evidence and publications from independent media, oral testimonies, personal and court cases – all were used to present the full, real picture. We need to defend ourselves virtually, because the war is going on in different fronts, including on the front of falsifications and fakes” – Tkachenko wrote.

He noted that the exposition on crimes in the Crimea is just the beginning. Further in the plans are cases on the occupation of Donbass.

“Such projects are part of the successful implementation of the information security strategy by the National Security and Defense Council” – the minister added.

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