Why the WHO does not yet recommend the use of a booster dose of COVID vaccine – epidemiologist’s explanation

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The World Health Organization does not yet recommend the use of a booster dose of coronavirus vaccine. One of the main reasons is that experts do not yet know how frequent use of the vaccine will affect the body.

Epidemiologist Natalia Vynograd told about it, informs UA.

“The WHO does not currently recommend a booster dose. To date, not all WHO recommendations provide for its use. There are several reasons, and one of them is that we do not know what will happen next, how the situation will develop if the body often receives doses of the vaccine. We don’t know if there will be any problem” – the epidemiologist said.

According to her, this issue is currently being actively studied and the results of the research will be published soon.

“It is being observed, it is being studied, and in a short time we will get good evidence of the effectiveness of the booster dose” – Vynohrad said.

In her opinion, it is worth studying in more depth whether a booster dose is effective in the event of a rapid mutation of the virus.

“Let’s face it: if the first two doses didn’t show the significant impact we hoped for, we need to realize that we don’t always make the right decisions. If we see that the wrong decision has been made, we need to quickly look for a replacement and go. In epidemiology, this is called “assessing the effectiveness of measures and making adequate decisions.” We need to move towards a response that is the most rational at the moment ” – the expert said.

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To remind, in the Ministry of Health reported that among complications of a coronavirus disease of COVID-19 researches more often name thrombosis.

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