The United States will be able to strike already launched nuclear missiles of the Russian Federation – General of the Ukrainian Army and former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Malomuzh

The United States will be able to launch counterattacks already on nuclear missiles that can be launched from Russia. Mykola Malomuzh, General of the Army of Ukraine and ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, spoke about this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

According to him, any training strike that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now declaring will be monitored by the Americans, the British, the Chinese, the Germans, the French.

“This is a whole complex. These are systems for countering missile defense, and anti-missile defense, which we have involved in various countries. Therefore, strikes will be monitored firstly,” – Malomuzh said.

The general stressed that the United States would be able to launch counterattacks on nuclear missiles.

“It is not yet possible to specify exactly the place where the missile can be neutralized. It can be destroyed on the territory of Russia at the time of deployment, at the time of launch and at the time of flight. And Putin knows it. He understands that he really raised the bar, there is nowhere higher, ” – said general.

The expert is convinced that it is still unlikely that Putin will succeed in using nuclear weapons, but there is always a risk.

Earlier, on September 21, Russia announced a “partial” mobilization of its population for the war with Ukraine. Moreover, accelerated preparations for holding “referendums” in the occupied territory began. Many experts believe that this is all done to intimidate Ukraine. This is due to the decision-making mechanism for delivering nuclear strikes. After the occupied territory becomes part of Russia, according to the laws of the aggressors, Ukraine will threaten the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. This will allow the Kremlin to launch nuclear missiles. To prevent this from happening, Ukraine should start peace talks with Russia – the Kremlin indirectly hints.

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