The slogans “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Glory to the Heroes!” as football symbols of Ukraine are approved, – Pavelko


The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association approved the football symbols of Ukraine.

President of the UAF, a member of the executive committee Andryi Pavelko told this, UATV informs.

From now on, along with the small UAF emblem in the form of a trident with the inscription “Ukraine” at all official UAF events, events with the participation of UAF representatives in the international arena and in matches of national teams, a large emblem can be used – a map of Ukraine with a trident in the center.

“The executive committee approved the official football status of the slogans” Glory to Ukraine!” and “Glory to the Heroes!” contain these attributes, unite all Ukrainians from different regions of Ukraine and our fellow countrymen from different countries and continents. We are obliged and honored to protect it and fill it with a new force of unity! I congratulate Ukraine on this historic decision”, – Pavelko wrote in his Facebook.

The executive committee supported the decision – 45 members voted “for”.

Besides it was reported that the UEFA approved a new uniform for the Ukrainian national team. The design of the outfit has caused a wave of indignation from Russia.

Ukraine is required to remove the slogan “Glory to the Heroes!” from the new uniform of the national football team. The UAF is in talks with UEFA to keep it.