The Russian fleet is gradually “going blind”: military experts on the situation with “Ivan Khurs”

On May 24, a video of an attack on the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs, which was in the Black Sea, appeared on the network. The video shows how one naval unmanned vehicle knocked out a Russian warship.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that the ship allegedly did not suffer any damage. According to Ukrainian media, the hull of the Ivan Khurs and equipment inside the ship were damaged.

Confirmations and denials
The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed the “meeting” of a Russian vessel with a Ukrainian drone.

“When the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs met a Ukrainian drone. Indeed, a perfect match!”, — stated in the message of the department on Twitter.
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed the fact of an attempted attack by drones on the ship. Representatives of the Russian department said that all the means used to attack the ship were allegedly destroyed. They presented a video allegedly showing the destruction of one of the boats.

In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry denies any damage to the ship.

As the military department of the Russian Federation assures, “the drones were destroyed by fire from standard weapons,” and the ship continued to perform tasks. According to the official version of the Russian department, in the Black Sea, Ivan Khurs is engaged in ensuring the safety of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines.

Ivan Khurs is the newest and most modern medium reconnaissance ship of the four reconnaissance ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. In addition to him, there are also “Priazovye”, “Equator” and “Kildin”.

“Ivan Khurs” was launched in 2017, and in 2018 became part of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation (Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation). Designed to provide communications, fleet management, radio intelligence.

At first, Ivan Khurs was supposed to be part of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation, but it was decided to send it to the Black Sea to replace the sunken Liman ship, which was also reconnaissance.

The Russian Federation also claims that Ivan Khurs can allegedly track elements of US missile defense.

Military experts’ assessments
What does the fact of an attack by a Ukrainian naval unmanned vehicle on a military vessel of the Russian Federation mean, and whether the Ukrainian Navy can really resist the Russian Navy?

Vladislav Seleznev, military expert;
Sergey Bratchuk, speaker of the operational headquarters of the Odessa Regional Military Administration;
Mykola Malomuzh, General of the Ukrainian Army, Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (2005-2010).
VLADISLAV SELEZNEV: Attack on “Ivan Khurs” is also preparation for the de-occupation of Crimea

  • There is such a concept in chess – zugzwang (compulsion to move, – ed.). This clearly applies to Russian propagandists who describe the situation with “Ivan Khurs”. Whatever they say, always the Russian army, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is in this state.

Let’s start with the fact that the ship was 400 kilometers from the base of the Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odessa. The ship was hit by several offshore unmanned platforms. Russian propagandists say that the Ukrainian naval forces have been destroyed and do not pose a threat to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. As you can see, there are nuances.

It’s not just that Russian ships carrying Caliber sea-launched missiles are hiding further and further east from Crimea. I think that they will generally move closer to Novorossiysk in order to protect themselves from anti-ship missiles that are in service with the Ukrainian army – Neptune and Harpoon.

Obviously, for the Russians, the situation tends to worsen and, despite their bravura statements that they are full-fledged participants in the grain deal, in fact, this entire process is being decided without their active participation. Well, the possibilities of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are further and further reduced to nothing.

The Russians planned to build a whole line of this type of ships. The reconnaissance ships were to enter service with all four fleets of the Russian Federation. But it didn’t work out. Both the sanctions and the economy have left the Russian defense industry, which is engaged in shipbuilding, in such a state that they have produced only one ship of this type. He was sent to the most important direction in the Black Sea. And the rest of the projects are frozen, because there are certain difficulties.

It is obvious that the Russian occupiers clearly understand the importance of all types of reconnaissance. It is not for nothing that at one time they placed specific equipment for conducting electronic intelligence on Ukrainian towers, stolen back in February-March 2014, in order to fully monitor the Black Sea waters near the coast of Odessa. But the Ukrainian “Neptunes” and “Harpoons” liquidated military facilities on gas producing rigs.

The Russians are getting more and more “blind” and have fewer opportunities to monitor the surface and underwater situation in the Black Sea. And this allows us to prepare for the next measures aimed at the demilitarization of the Crimean peninsula.

SERGEY BRATCHUK: Russian propaganda carefully hides the consequences of the attack on the ship

  • There are only two such ships in the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. This is a project that was very carefully developed, it is not in vain that it is named after one of the leaders of intelligence of the then Soviet fleet – Vice Admiral Khurs.

Because special attention was paid to this project – it is not only for the Black Sea, but also for the Mediterranean, and for the ocean. This is a ship that provides communications and fleet management and does this through various types of communications. It can participate in radar combat, that is, it is fully equipped.

We are waiting for official confirmation of the action, although you can refer to the Twitter of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. But it could have been light trolling on the part of the Ukrainian military, who wrote that “a naval drone and a Black Sea Fleet ship met at sea and parted not quite peacefully,” which causes surprise in Russia and many questions about what happened.

The Russians were the first to report the clash, but they became so confused about the testimony that they came out on their own. First they reported that the Ivan Khurs was passing through the Bosporus, which is theoretically simply impossible, because the strait is closed, especially for Russian warships.

Then it was said that after passing through the Bosphorus, it was allegedly attacked by a naval drone, which was destroyed. And then it was about the distance – first 40 miles from the Bosphorus, then 140 miles.

“The Cherry on the Cake” is a video that has surfaced online. Allegedly, there was an explosion with special effects near the Ivan Khurs ship.

The Russians didn’t stop there. One of the so-called “military correspondents” posted a photo in which the ship, unharmed, returns to the Sevastopol Bay. The first thing that catches your eye is the absence of leaves on the trees. We begin to understand. It turns out that this picture was taken at a completely different time two years ago.

Then specialists who are well versed in where and what kind of ship is located in the Black Sea joined in. The speed of this ship has dropped to less than a nautical mile per hour. That is, the speed is minimal due to damage. Those who launched this maritime drone may be awarded a state award.

Today, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation can worry about each of its escort ships, including because of the attack on the Ivan Khurs, which did not figure out that it was under attack. That is, someone very beautifully showed the Russians that for them there is no free and calm centimeter in the Black Sea.
NIKOLAI MALOMUZH: Step by step we are reducing the aggressive capabilities of the Russian Federation

  • There have already been cases when Ukraine destroyed strategic equipment of the Russian Federation in the same way with the help of our partners. In the same way, an aircraft was destroyed in Belarus (Russian military aircraft AWACS A-50, – ed.).

Then the antenna was broken, the core of the aircraft, which conducted a powerful electronic warfare, guided missiles, including “Daggers”. Therefore, its neutralization was very effective. Exactly the same operation was carried out against the Russian ship.

There are three components of the fleet: the ship itself, if we are talking about the whole fleet, the combat unit and the support model.

By destroying the “eyes” of the ship, we turn it into an incapacitated creature.

Russia now has limited control over our systems, which our colleagues gave us, and what flies from our side. Warships and submarines of the Russian Federation are deprived of the ability to target missiles.

Thus, along with attacks on oil depots, we reduce the possibility of moving Russian equipment without diesel fuel. By strikes on the railway, we deprive the enemy of a combat unit. And, of course, the most important thing is the strikes on the electronic brain at the base of the ship.

This is just a complete complex of depriving the representatives of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation of combat capability. The aggressive plans of the Russian Federation will be reduced by an order of magnitude. They also have other means. But this blow is also very sensitive for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

We are studying the weak points of the Russian troops. They do not expect, they do not have radar tracking systems for such drones. Our special units determined both the parameters of this ship and the parameters of other defense systems. Accordingly, we found the option that worked very effectively. The missile could be shot down, unlike the drone.