Greece may send one Patriot battery to Ukraine on specific conditions — Greek media

Patriot systems. Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Geece, which, according to Financial Times, is now seen as the best candidate to urgently provide Patriots by the EU and NATO, could send one Patriot system to Ukraine if the US provided compensation for it and security guarantees due to the threat coming from Turkey.

This was reported by the Greek media Рronews, citing government sources in the country.

In terms of compensation, Washington could either transfer the Patriot to Greece from its own stock, making up for the one that Athens will transfer to Kyiv, or provide monetary compensation with the funds from the $60 billion Ukraine aid package.

However, the details about the US security guarantees aiming at the Turkey threat are not clear.

Also, Greece might send one more Patriot battery later.

On April 22, the Financial Times wrote that the EU and NATO were pushing Greece and Spain to provide Ukraine with more air defense systems as they are geographically the least vulnerable to Russia’s aggression.

Previously, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell stated that the EU armies had around 100 Patriot batteries.

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