Russia determined to capture Chasiv Yar by May 9 — Zelenskyy

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo:

Zelenskyy told NBC about his recent visit to the area close to Chasiv Yar and the shortage of weapons the Ukrainian Armed Forces are currently dealing with there.

“By May 9, Russia expects to have occupied Chasiv Yar in eastern Ukraine. I was recently in the area where I spoke with troops. Our soldiers lack the equipment to fight off Russian reconnaissance drones, which totally adjust Russian artillery fire, and there is also artillery ammunition shortage,” stated Zelenskyy.

However, he hopes that Ukraine will receive military assistance from the US and other allies with no further delays which will make it possible for Ukraine to deter the occupants.

“I expect we will be able to hold our ground, that armaments arrive in time, and that we will be able to repel the enemy. And then we will thwart Russia’s plans for a full-scale counteroffensive in June,” the president said.

The spokesman for the National Guard, Ruslan Muzychuk, stated the Russians had pulled up reserves from the Lyman axis toward Chasiv Yar in order to bolster offensive efforts.

On May 9, Russia celebrates Victory Day which is an especially symbolic day for Putin and Russians to spread propaganda and threaten the West.

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