Thanks to heroic struggle against Russia, Ukrainians have best reputation during all Independence years, – Ukraine’s govt

The whole world supports Ukraine. Assistance comes at various levels, both from state governments and from local community organizations, and ordinary citizens. Thanks to the heroic struggle against the Russian invaders, Ukrainians have the best reputation in the world during all the years of Independence.

The French Institute of Public Opinion conducted a large-scale survey on the war in Ukraine among citizens of France, Germany, Italy, and Poland. 71% of respondents are in favor of Ukraine’s accession to the EU. This unprecedented support confirms that Ukrainians are members of a large European family.

Economic isolation of the Russian Federation

  • Russia’s economy continues its downfall. The Central Bank of Russia has decided not to resume trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange until March 18. Russia fears that the ruble’s exchange rate will fall again, deepening the economic crisis
  • According to Bloomberg, Russia’s GDP has already boiled down by $ 30 billion. Russia has lost another $ 5 billion in military equipment. Bloomberg Economics forecasts a decline in Russia’s GDP by about 9% for 2022
  • Barclays Bank has temporarily blocked the bank account of Chelsea football club due to sanctions against club owner Roman Abramovich

International isolation of the Russian Federation

  • The Steering Committee of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) has stated that Russian and Belarusian athletes will not participate in FISU competitions and events until at least the end of 2022
  • The social network for athletes Strava has decided to suspend its services in Russia and Belarus due to the war against Ukraine

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Humanitarian aid

  • Poland has already housed more than 1.6 million Ukrainians. A law supporting Ukrainian citizens who were forced to flee abroad from Russian aggression came into force in Poland. The document provides the opportunity for legal employment and access to free medicine. Ukrainian pupils and students will have the opportunity to continue their education in schools and universities
  • Lithuania has allocated 3.94 million euros from the state budget for the housing of Ukrainians and simplified the employment procedure
  • Czech community organizations have already raised 1.7 billion Czech crowns to help Ukrainian citizens. The Parliament of the Czech Republic has passed a law on a simplified procedure for obtaining documents for residence, access to medical services, employment, social security, and education in the Czech Republic
  • The United Kingdom has developed a «Homes for Ukraine» assistance program that will allow Ukrainians who do not have relatives in the country to stay in the country. The UK government will pay people £ 350 a month if they can offer refugees at least a separate room or separate accommodation for a minimum of six months