Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are honing the skills of storming buildings for special operations in Bakhmut – FREEDOM report

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are honing their skills in storming buildings for special operations in Bakhmut, reports Anastasia Volkova, correspondent of the FREEDOM TV channel.

During the exercises, the fighters of the 80th separate air assault brigade clear the building from a mock enemy. Thus, the skills of assault in urban conditions are improved. Bakhmut showed how important it is to be able to fight in a populated area and hold positions. With part of the walled city still under Ukrainian control, the importance of teaching such skills to newcomers doubles.

“Fighting takes place not only in fields and forest plantations, forests, we have to clean up in cities, knock the enemy out of buildings. One-story, multi-story, multi-room – like here, you see. And this is one of the most difficult exercises, because danger will be waiting for you around every corner, behind every door, ”said Vitaliy, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This unit has recently returned from missions near Ivanovsky, not far from Bakhmut.

“It is hard to work with a machine gun against artillery, Gradov and so on. In general, we try to keep up. Ukraine will win. We are moving forward, not a step back,” says Pavel, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The most important thing is that we did not allow them to enter the track from Ivanovskoye, because for almost the entire winter, 3 months, there was a struggle for this forest – for 50-100 meters. And it’s constant. They pull up the troops, and in a day or two we go to recapture those positions. Now there is an advance, that is, assaults are being carried out. “Wagnerites”, and “LPR”, and “DPR” are sitting – different ones are sitting in the trenches. The boys are storming them. It happens that we ask them to surrender, but they do not give up, then we throw them with grenades, VOGs, and work on them. Sometimes there are those who give up, there was recently a living story – he climbs out and says that he gives up. He says that one – and deceives. In fact, another one was sitting in a dugout, ”said Yaroslav, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Changes in the tactics of warfare in the ranks of the enemy are very noticeable. Ukrainian servicemen say that recently the Russians completely abandoned their positions, giving them up without a fight.

“It was necessary to advance 300-400 meters forward, our guys are advancing, starting to clean up, but there is no one in the trenches and dugouts. That is, the enemy retreated somewhere, moved back. With what it can be connected? Either they have few people, there are few people and there is no one to block those zones, those sections of the defense line, and they retreat back and start to run away, or they have no desire to advance to those positions, ”said Yaroslav.

There are no losses in war, but it is possible to reduce them by providing first aid to the wounded in a timely manner. Therefore, the army team regularly refresh these lessons in memory.

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hold the dominant heights near Bakhmut. According to the commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky, the Ukrainian army took the city into a semi-encirclement, control over a small part of it makes it possible to enter Bakhmut in the event of a change in the situation.

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Earlier, the speaker of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Serhiy Cherevaty, said that Russian units that took part in the battles in the Kharkiv and Kherson directions are going to the rotation in Bakhmut.