Russia poses a threat to Ukrainian nuclear facilities in order to influence the world society – military expert

Russia still has one trump card in the war against Ukraine – the use of nuclear weapons, and strikes on Ukrainian nuclear facilities also apply to this. This opinion was voiced by military expert Serhiy Grabsky on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“Attempts to attack the infrastructure of Ukraine also have one underlying reason, because they pose a certain threat to Ukrainian nuclear facilities, I mean power plants. And according to the Moscow leaders, this, again, should serve as such a serious instrument of influence on the world community in order to force them to refuse assistance to Ukraine,” the expert is convinced.

According to him, such rhetoric has some results, because people in Europe are very nervous about any information related to the threat to nuclear facilities. And exactly the same can be said about the use of nuclear weapons.

“People just for the most part don’t even know what it’s like to prepare a nuclear weapon for action. Therefore, some sections of society, weak minds, if I may say so, are also affected by this propaganda. And even more so when it is replicated by multiple messages over a long period, people begin to believe in it. The Moscow rulers, as prominent users of propaganda tools, know what they are doing. Therefore, this should not be surprising. But we must understand that we have no choice. We must still fight the enemy and defeat him on the battlefield,” Grabsky said.