NATO’s allies steps in support of Ukraine to be discussed at Riga meeting in Riga – Kuleba


Ukraine’s invitation to participate in a meeting of NATO’s highest political body in Riga demonstrates its importance as one of the Alliance’s closest security partners and sends a strong signal of support for Ukraine in countering Russian aggression.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba told about it during conversation with journalists in Riga, UA reports with reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The minister said he would hold a series of separate bilateral talks with NATO allies. They will focus not just on general support, but on concrete steps to strengthen Ukraine in counteracting the Kremlin’s aggressive intentions.

“The Alliance has invited Ukraine and Georgia to this meeting as NATO’s two closest security partners. This is evidence of Ukraine’s importance and a strong signal of support in countering Russian aggression. The meeting is also a good opportunity to inform the ministers of the partner countries about the security situation along the Ukrainian border and in the occupied territories, as well as the relationship between attempts to destabilize Ukraine internally and attempts at another wave of external aggression” – Dmytro Kuleba said.

He also noted the clear and unequivocal signals that have already been heard from the United States and NATO, warning Russia that a new phase of aggression against Ukraine will come at a very high price for Russia.

“These statements are a public manifestation of the great non-public work that is currently being done in Kyiv, Washington, Brussels, Berlin, Paris and other capitals to coordinate a joint set of steps. This is a comprehensive containment package of the Russian Federation, which I have been talking about since the first days of escalation” – he stressed.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy added that the joint package of deterrence of the Russian Federation with specific economic and financial instruments will be more effective and efficient than the actions of individual countries.

By the way, Dmytro Kuleba believes that currently there is no evidence that the decision to invade Ukraine has already been made in Moscow. But this option is “on the table”.

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