Names of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Mascots Revealed

Photo from website

The mascots of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games have been revealed.

The Tokyo Olympic mascot’s name is Miraitowa. It is based on the Japanese words “mirai” (future) and “towa” (eternity). The name is meant to promote a future of eternal hope.

The Tokyo Paralympic mascot’s name is Someity, which echoes the English phrase “so mighty.” The mascot is named after Someyioshino, a variety of cherry blossom. It represents Paralympic athletes who take the boundaries of possibilities to a new level.

The mascots, previously unnamed, were unveiled in February this year. Their names were revealed during a ceremony at Japan’s capital today.

They were chosen following the results of voting in schools in Japan and overseas Japanese schools. More than 16,700 schools voted as part of the Japanese education program “Yoi Don!” aimed at teaching children the values of the Olympic Games and involving them in activities like Tokyo 2020.

Miraitowa and Someity could be seen greeting fans cruising down the Sumida River.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will take place from July 24 to Aug. 9. The Paralympics begin on Aug. 25 and end on Sept. 9.