Gazprom has returned to contract volumes of gas supplies through Ukraine

Photo Ukrinform

Russia’s monopoly Gazprom is talking about increasing gas supplies to the EU, but in fact the daily transit through Ukraine has returned to the contract volume of 109 million cubic meters after falling to almost 57 million cubic meters in the first days of November.

This was reported by UA with reference to the Facebook of Serhiy Makogon, General Director of GTS Ukraine Operator LLC.

“Gazprom has not booked any additional volumes in excess of the transit contract. Therefore, we should not talk about increasing supplies to the EU through Ukraine” –Serhiy Makogon wrote.

For comparison, he cited the following data: gas transit through the territory of Ukraine on November 11, 2020 amounted to 178.4 million cubic meters, and in 2019 – 277.3 million cubic meters per day.

Ukraine is currently ready to transit up to 250 million cubic meters per day, which is 2.5 times more than the existing transit.

To remind, Gazprom reduced the transit of gas from the Russian Federation to the European Union through Ukraine to 57 million cubic meters per day from November 1.

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