Ukraine and Romania have lent gas to Moldova

Photo Ukrinform

Ukraine and Romania have lent Moldova gas to maintain pressure in the gas transmission network.

This was reported by the press service of Moldovatransgaz, UA writes.

“The crisis in Moldovan energy sector and the insufficient amount of natural gas needed for domestic consumption have affected both the country’s energy security and the functioning of the gas transmission system. To maintain the efficiency of the system it is necessary to comply with certain technical requirements. The difference between the volume of imports and gas consumption significantly affects this efficiency” – the statement reads.

Ukraine borrows natural gas to balance the gas transmission system, which Moldova can use until October 31.

Romania also supported (this project – ed.), providing significant assistance in servicing the natural gas transmission system of our country. In this difficult period, we appreciate the support provided to our country by neighboring countries, and the volume of domestic consumption” – said in a statement.

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