After “not attacking Ukraine” Russia promises “not to attack other countries” (VIDEO)

Hopes for peace in Ukraine via diplomatic efforts melted today as the Russian authorities refused to stop the war. Two foreign affairs ministers met in Istanbul. Right after that Ukrainian head of diplomats Dmytro Kuleba stated:

“We cannot stop the war if the attacking country has no desire to do so. Today I heard that Russia ties a ceasefire to demands made by Russian president to Ukraine. I stress that Ukraine has not, and will not surrender”

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

“I’m ready to continue this engagement with the purpose of ending the war in Ukraine”

Russian minister on the contrary sent a clear message to the other countries.

Serhiy Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

“Considering the question if we are going to attack other countries – no, we don’t plan that. We didn’t attack Ukraine either”

Last time the promise not to attack Ukraine ended the opposite. This time Russia promised not to attack other countries. 

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Ukrainian minister of foreign affairs Dmytro Kuleba also said that Ukraine has proposed a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol and a ceasefire regime for at least 24 hours, but Lavrov refused.

And Russian bombs and rockets contiue to destroy Mariupol, where half of million people stay blocked. This is how many Syrians died as the result of Russian bombs in their country

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The city’s authorities reported that now the number of killed civilians is over 1300. Not considering those who’re missing. People just bury bodies in the mass graves.

While the emergency services continue to clear the unexploded shells

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And action by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Near Chernihiv they destroyed the ISKANDER division which has been terrorizing the area for a long time. 

And several more Russian convoys were stopped.

Another victory – famous Russian chief of the tank regiment, awarded by Putin, also was stopped.

The world is starting to understand clearly what exactly is going on, and instead of  neutral “conflict in Ukraine”, at last call a war a war. 

But the support – even the strongest – still doesn’t stop Russian bombs. And people run away taking only the most valuable