Denmark to train Ukrainian soldiers as part of UK-Danish program

The Ministry of Defense of Denmark has announced that it will join the UK-led initiative to train the Ukrainian military. Ministry of Defense of Denmark reported this.

“Denmark will support a British-led training project with 130 Danish soldiers and simultaneously offers to train Ukrainian soldiers in Denmark. Therefore a dialog with Ukraine has been initiated regarding support in educating commanders and support to the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Force,” reads the message.

It is noted that Denmark will support the training project led by Britain, involving 130 Danish soldiers, and at the same time offers to train Ukrainian soldiers in Denmark.

“Therefore, a dialogue has been started with Ukraine regarding support in the training of command staff and support for the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine,” the Danish Ministry of Defense said.

It is reported that this is one of the initiatives that will be presented during tomorrow’s donor conference in Copenhagen.

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In 2022, 100 million Danish kroner will be allocated to the project to support the military training of the Ukrainian military.

Previously, Finland, Sweden, and Canada also announced their participation in the training of the Ukrainian military.

The program of training of the Ukrainian military on British territory was offered to Volodymyr Zelensky by Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson during his visit to Kyiv in June.

Then the British Prime Minister specified that the military of the United Kingdom can provide training for up to 10,000 Ukrainian servicemen every 120 days.

Denmark has supported training activities in Ukraine since 2015 under the British-led Operation Orbital. The purpose of Operation Orbital was to train Ukrainian soldiers in basic military skills and operation planning. In addition, there were also a handful of advisers, who were stationed at different strategic, operational, and tactic levels. They supported reorganization and educational development.

Furthermore, Denmark has also supported the Canadian-led training mission Operation Unifier. The purpose of Operation Unifier was to train Ukrainian forces in military skills such as sanity training and shooting.

Denmark has along with allies and cooperation partners taken great responsibility to support Ukraine after Russia’s brutal invasion on February 24. 

Denmark has strengthened the support to Ukraine and NATO’s increased presence in the region in the form of weapon and other equipment for use in the Ukrainian defence battle with more than 2 billion dkk.

Denmark has also supported Ukraine in the cyber defence area.