Viktor Muzenko voices the key priority of military reform

Photo by Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

The key priority of military reform and military training is to increase their mobility.

This was stated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Viktor Muzhenko during a meeting with members of the Kyiv Association of Military Attachés, reports the press service of the Ministry of Defence.

“We are talking about the transfer of corresponding forces and facilities – brigades, regiments, battalions, which will be moving to threatening directions based on the activity and assessment of the nature of the enemy’s actions. Corresponding actions were carried out during strategic exercises, which included the movement and maneuvering over long distances. I am talking about: Summer Thunderstorm 2016, Southern Wind 2016 and Immovable Resilience 2017 when rotation was carried out in different ways: by rail, road transport, air transport and raid actions of Air Assault Forces at a distance more than 1,000 kilometers,” said Muzhenko.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noticed that during such exercises great attention is paid to the ability of the troops to overcome water obstacles.

“We are not going to cross the Volga. We are going to be on our territory and on our own land. We have no tasks beyond the boundaries of Ukraine no matter what the “fake” documents say,” Muzhenko stated.

Following the meeting, the German Defence Attaché and the President of the Kyiv Association of Military Attachés Colonel Norbert Hess appreciated the progress in the reforms achieved by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2017.

“I don’t know any people, any country that did what you are doing now. I am personally proud to be a witness and part of the process of the development of your Armed Forces,” Hess said.Muzenko thanked the partner countries for their help and thanked the Military Attachés of Canada, the United States and the Federal Republic of Germany for their contribution to the transformation of the Ukrainian military and fruitful military cooperation.