“Three Swords” military exercise continues in Lviv region

Photo: kanaldom.tv

Fighting in the city and overcoming water obstacles – tactical exercises “Three Swords-2021” with the participation of military personnel from NATO countries are held in Lviv region. 1 200 Ukrainian, Polish and Lithuanian servicemen practiced cooperation in combat. Training in this format was held in Ukraine for the first time, UA informs.

According to the legend of the exercises, the enemy captured the territory on the opposite shore of the lake. The military must cross it in armored personnel carriers and free the territory. With aviation covering them. Some of the military landed on the opposite shore. Their task is to keep the defense under cover of the artillery until the arrival of the main forces.

“The episodes were processed jointly by forces of the three countries. They showed a high level of training, and these exercises demonstrate readiness of our partners to repel aggression together” – said Yevhen Moisyuk, commander of the Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The next stage is the practice of the “Battle in the city” legend. Helicopters are participating as well. The landing party lands on the roof of a high-rise. The building is being cleansed together by Ukrainian, Polish and Lithuanian servicemen, moving down from the upper floors.

“It is such operations, such training that make our countries and our armed forces stronger. And we can carry out quite complex military operations” – said Linas Kubilius, representative of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

For the first time the participants of the three countries gathered on Ukrainian territory to work out tactical tasks according to NATO standards in different conditions.

“We have something to share with our foreign partners. Well, as for them – given the strategic direction is chosen, we are moving to NATO, and this process is irreversible, and it is enshrined in the Constitution – we want to get all the necessary knowledge from them. To comply with NATO procedures and standards” – said Dmytro Bratyshko, Commander of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade.

International exercises “Three Swords-2021” will last until July 31. Which country will host the participants next year, they will decide in November.

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