Russian army trying to gather forces for renewed attack on Kharkiv – Zelensky

The Russian army is trying to accumulate forces for a renewed attack on Kharkiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in a speech at the Global Policy Forum of the Institute for International Political Studies, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“Now the Russian army is trying to gather forces to attack Kharkiv again. Again. We have de-occupied this region, but they want [to capture] it again. And we see it. And there are 1.5 million inhabitants there,” Zelensky said.

The president also informed the participants in the forum about the nonstop bombing of Mykolaiv, which is home to almost half a million people. He also spoke about Russia’s intentions to capture and completely destroy Sloviansk, a city inhabited by 100,000 people before the war started.

Zelensky said that Ukraine would do everything possible to stop the invaders. However, in order to do so more quickly, he called on the international community to help the country with powerful weapons and support it economically.

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