Zelensky: Ukraine should be part of Three Seas Initiative

Photo: president.gov.ua

Ukraine should become a member of the Three Seas Initiative, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said at the summit of the initiative on Monday, speaking via video link.

“Ukraine should be a member of the Three Seas initiative. It is not right that our country is outside of this wonderful initiative,” he said.

Zelensky proposed to “strengthen the interpretation of cooperation within the Three Seas initiative, emphasizing the importance of logistics. “It is the Three Seas initiative states that are our connection with the free world. The supply of weapons to Ukraine, the supply of fuel, transport flows, green corridors for the export of Ukrainian food, the migration of people – all this works through the territory of the states participating in this initiative,” the President said.

Speaking about cooperation in the energy sector, Zelensky recalled that Ukraine has one of the largest gas storage facilities in the region. “Using the possibilities of interconnectors Poland-Slovakia, Poland-Ukraine, we can meet the needs of all countries of the Three Seas initiative. Our electrical exports can become our contribution to the energy balance of your countries. And it will help you become independent from Russian energy pressure,” Zelensky stressed.

According to him, “we must do everything to make the trans-European corridor Via Carpathia work at 100 percent, uniting Northern and Southern Europe.” Zelensky noted that Ukraine can play the role of one of the logistics centers. “We can join Via Carpathia now,” he said.

“We must work on expanding the checkpoints at the borders of Ukraine, we can provide support for many infrastructure projects in the field of digitalization, and strengthen our regional digital ties,” the president said.

He also called on initiative members to take part in the reconstruction of Ukraine as “the biggest project of our generation.”

The Three Seas Initiative, also known as the Baltic-Adriatic-Black Sea Initiative, is an association of twelve EU states located in Central and Eastern Europe. The territory of the participating countries has access to the Adriatic, Baltic and the Black Seas.

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