Ministry of Health: Russia is conducting information attacks on the Ukrainian healthcare system

Photo Ukrinform

Deputy Minister of Health Maria Karchevych said that the Security Service of Ukraine had recorded signs of the start of a new attack by the pro-Russian side on the health care system of Ukraine.

She said this during a briefing, UA writes.

According to her, in recent days, new, frankly untrue articles have appeared in the information space concerning the reform of e-hospitals and the work of the electronic health care system in general. She added that propaganda materials use long-known narratives of Russian television that the system allegedly does not survive, and people seem to refuse to receive services.

“Through Russian propaganda, Ukraine is trying to sow distrust in public health services and destabilize the health care system” – Karchevych said.

By the way, in Ukraine made more than 22 million vaccinations against COVID-19 since the beginning of vaccination campaign.

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