Matchical Music

In the town of Zhashkiv, in the center of Ukraine, an extraordinary spectacle is taking place.

Here local musicians are using musical instruments intricately crafted from matches, but played just like regular ones.

“I am working with a violin now. As you can see, it has a convex shape in both dimensions. Here is another element. These are two identical parts. Here is the side part which will be glued here,” said Bohdan Senchukov, Ukrainian craftsman displaying his craftwork.

“What I love is to carve, to glue, to make it hold the shape, to take into account microns of a millimeter and to make it play in the end. When the instrument plays… I cannot find words to express my feelings when something made of these tiny sticks plays just like a regular musical instrument,” he added.

Senchukov also crafts other objects from match sticks. For example ships and even the Eiffel Tower, which he shows off proudly.

His newest plan is to create a piano for the band. It seems that for him and the musicians, they’re a “match” made in heaven.